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"Save a rainy day"

And collect pure rainwater with our beautiful, one of a kind, rain harvesting systems.

Since 1998 we've been building cedar-clad, steel-banded rain barrels (often called cisterns) and rain harvesting systems, with hand-built lids, stands and screens. We're dedicated to building Rain Harvesting Systems that are very attractive, efficient, and easy to maintain, and that blend well with any garden. We are a local business offering our barrel systems within and beyond the Portland - Vancouver metro area with the exception of our accessories which we also ship nationwide.

After milling the Western Red Cedar lumber down to our specifications, we miter each stave on both edges and dado a channel for the banding. We then hand coat each stave with high quality semi-transparent stain and coat the lids with clear-satin spar urethane for added protection.

Full Flow Rain Saver System, safety rail

Combine any one of our rain barrel systems with a Rain Barrel Timer to greatly increase the function and efficiency of your system. For many gardeners, water conservation is the main reason for using a drip system, and with an automatic timer, you can cope with a busy schedule while your garden flourishes without you.

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By using a Rainbarrel Man rain barrel, you will help reduce water pollution! In a rain storm, oil, pesticides, animal waste, and fertilizers from our lawns, sidewalks, driveways, and streets are washed into sewers that often overflow into rivers, contaminating fish and other wildlife. Your rainwater harvesting system helps prevent rain from becoming polluted storm water and puts it to a better use through drip irrigation.

The Rainbarrel Man Co. is headquartered in the Overlook Park neighborhood of North Portland, Oregon. The builders of our award-winning cedar-clad rain barrels are Mike Hillebrecht, located in the Maywood Park neighborhood of NE Portland, Oregon, and Blaise Haller, located in the Cascade Park neighborhood of SE Vancouver, Washington.

To contact us or to request more information about our products, please go to our Contact page. For ordering, shipping, warranty and payment information, please visit our Ordering page.

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