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Rain Barrel Connectors

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There are many ways to connect two or more rain barrels together, some more complicated than others. Here are three easy ways to do it, with no special tools needed, adhesives to mess with, or parts to assemble.

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Rain Barrel Dual Joiners

$16.00 (Rigid)
$28.00 (Flexible)

Assembled Using:
  • 4 Poly Adapters
  • 4 Reducer Bushings
  • 2 Hose Sections
  • 4 Stainless Steel Clamps
  • 2 PVC Adapters
  • 2 Street Elbows
  • 1 Joiner Union



Rigid Dual Connector

To attach the Rain Barrel Dual Joiner, drill out the middle section of the bung caps, where the starter threads are (be careful not to damage the threads), de-burr, then replace the caps and tighten. Next, unscrew the Joiner Union and screw the other ends into the bung caps (where you just drilled) until they are snug. Then line them up so they are in a straight line and screw the Joiner Union back together.

Note: If you want to use the RainSaucer with the Rain Barrel Dual Joiner, make sure you use the coarse threaded bung caps to join the barrels together and one of the fine threaded holes for the RainSaucer.


Dual Valve Barrel Connectors



Dual Valve Barrel Connector

$44.00 for two barrels

Complete with:
  • Full flow dual shutoff valves
  • Easy on swivel connection menders
  • Heavy duty compression collars
  • 8 foot 5/8 inch connection hose between each valve used. (Hose can be cut down to your specs.)

Dual Valve Connectors

Dual Valve Barrel Connectors



Economy Dual Valve Connector

$38.00 for two barrels

Complete with:
  • Full flow dual shutoff valves
  • 6 foot x 5/8" leader hose
  • Brass swivel couplings (Hose can not be cut down.)


Two Barrel System



These connectors allow you to add more barrels to your rain harvesting system.

Simply connect each swivel connector to a rainbarrel spigot.

Leave the valves that are connected to the hose in the "open" position and turn the other valves off until ready to use.

  • Maximum performance, will not restrict water flow.
  • Delivers 45% more water than other valves.
  • Heavy duty metal body and collar on menders.
  • Not for use in freezing weather.


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