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Row Crop Tubing

The Row Crop, Drip irrigation Kit

The Row Crop Kit

Attach barb to tubing.

Attach barb to Drip Tape first and then to tubing.

Simple Backyard Layout

Simple backyard layout using Tape Loc Valves.

This design optimizes flow path turbulence
to effectively manage water flow, deliver uniform
distribution, and reduce clogging.

The Row Crop Drip Irrigation Kit*

$89.00 - 200 ft. of High flow Drip Tape
(To save on shipping, purchase kits without 1/2" tubing for $76.00)

Specifically designed for longer row crops and extensive square foot gardening, this kit uses 5/8" 15mil, high flow Drip Tape with emitters spaced 8" apart for even watering and can irrigate up to ten 20 foot rows.

For this drip kit to work at its best, you should elevate your barrels at least six feet off the ground to maintain the minimum requirement of 3 psi from start to finish. If you're unable to elevate the barrels to 6 feet, then raise them at least 4 feet if you can. At this height your system will still have just enough pressure to function, although it won't be as strong or last as long.

If you maintain the required 3 psi throughout and use 200 feet of Drip Tape, the emitters (300) will produce approximately 0.15 gph each or 40 gph total. That said, how long your water lasts depends on the length of time you leave your spigot open. To ensure that you have enough water for the time set, we recommend using a 275 to 330 gallon IBC Tote or a system of at least five rain barrels.

Here is where experimentation comes in. Set your timer for 15 minutes, then test your soil to see if that was enough time for the water to reach your plant's root system. Adjust the start time(s) and duration accordingly, based on your results. How long your water actually lasts depends on your setup (number of emitters, soil condition, height of barrel(s), system capacity, type of spigot, length of tubing, timer use, etc.).





The Row Crop Drip irrigation kit includes:

100 ft Roll of 1/2" Tubing Deluxe Y Filter w/stainless steel 200 mesh screen and drain valve (save on shipping)
Two 100 foot Rolls of 5/8" Drip Tape 10 Tape Loc Barbs
10 Goof Plugs 1 Tape Loc Coupling

1 Figure 8 End

10 Tape Grip Sleeves
1 - 1/2" EZ Loc Beginning 1 Easy Grip Punch
1 - 1/2" EZ Loc Coupling 20 "U" Stakes
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Row Crop Systems

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Extra Parts for our Customers

5/8" x 100' high flow Drip tape w/10 hold downs $22
bag of 1/4" x 5/8" tape loc barbs & grip sleeve ends (10 ea.) $12
Tape Loc Valve $2.50 ea. (for shutting off individual lines)

1/2" tees & elbows $2.00 ea.
10 PSI Regulator $12 (Use with reg. plumbing when barrels are empty.)

Shipping Info

Please Note:

Drip kits sold in stores are not designed to work with most smaller rain barrel systems (1-4 PSI). They are designed for water pressures of 40-120 PSI and then reduced to 15-35 PSI with a regulator.

*Does not include rain barrel.

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