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The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit *

.580 x 50 ft. soaker hose $48.00
With 25 ft. of .580 poly tubing $58.00

.580 x 100 ft. soaker hose $62.00
With 25 ft. of .580 poly tubing $72.00

The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose (RBSH) is specially formulated to work with any gravity fed system. The hose is made from 100% recycled materials (70% rubber and 30% polethylene). In 2009, an environmental consulting firm evaluated the RBSH for materials with potential to leach contaminants, and reported that none exceeded the AGI or the EPA drinking water standard. Based on their review, the RBSH was considered protective of heath for drinking water use. It is a low flow, high output soaker hose using .580 compression fittings that allows maximum output to your garden. The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose works with little or no pressure while other soaker hoses require 10-25 lbs. of pressure to operate efficiently.

For best results place your rain barrel close to the ground (you can elevate your barrel but it is not necessary), create a setup with a continuous flow (meaning there are no ends), and cover the soaker hose with mulch to keep it cool.

Note: A single run should not exceed 100 feet.

The Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit includes:
1 or 2
.580 x 50 ft. Soaker Hose(s)
10 ft. or 25 ft. .580 Poly Tubing
Stakes (compliments of The Rainbarrel Man)
200 Mesh Tee Filter
Female Hose End
Compression Tee
End Caps
Compression Couplings
Extra Parts List
Instructions & Guidelines
FAQ Page

WARNING: Once you connect the compression fittings, they will not come off. If you want to make it possible for them to come off, use extra Female Hose Ends to connect to the hose or tubing.


Zero Pressure Battery Timer

The Solar Rain Barrel Timer *

If you have ever forgotten to turn your drip irrigation off and emptied your rain barrel(s), this timer might be your best investment.

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Extra Parts For Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kits

.580 x 50 ft. soaker hose w/4 stakes $15
 25 ft. of .580 poly tubing w/4 stakes $10
compression tees & elbows $3 ea.
Female Hose End $2.50 ea.
End Cap $.50 ea.
Coupling $1.70 ea.
Bag of 10 Plastic Stakes $4

Shipping Info 

Please Note:

Drip kits sold in stores are not designed to work with most smaller rain barrel systems (1-4 PSI). They are designed for water pressures of 40-120 PSI and then reduced to 15-35 PSI with a regulator.

*Does not include rain barrel.

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