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Examples coming soon

To Receive Help and a Free Quote:

1. Draw a sketch of your layout and indicate where you would like to run the Mainline Tubing. See the examples on the left.

a. Show all measurements
b. Number of beds
c. Type of beds - raised or in ground

2. Describe your rain harvesting system.

a. Number of barrels used or capacity
b. Height of stand or platform
c. Spigot type: standard or ball valve
d. Type of setup: inline diverter, first flush, direct, rain chain

3. Indicate your water source.

a. Roof, spring, well, garden hose

4. Email your sketch to watrhrvstr@gmail.com or mail to:

John Elliotte
8527 N. Decatur St. # 7
Portland OR 97203

After receiving your sketch, we can discuss, via email and/or phone, which kit would work best for your setup, extra parts needed, how high your barrel(s) should be, what timer to use, etc.

Remember, the more descriptive information you include, the easier it will be to help with your setup and design.

When you are ready to order, please go to the Ordering page, fill out the order form at the top, then scroll down to Shipping Information to purchase your products.



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