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What People Are Saying


"After two years of use, I've put the Rainbarrel Man's dual Full Flow Rain Saver through the paces with no complaints and hundreds of gallons of redistributed watering. The installation site was initially a creative challenge but the end result has performed admirably. It looks as good and works well now as on day one!"

Andrew B. Oak Grove, 2022

"I had some high expectations for this project and you exceeded those expectations tremendously."

Lucas Swick - Milwaukie, OR - December 2021

"Just got my double barrel "BareNaked Beauty" installed. It looks solid and safe. I can't report about water collection because it hasn't rained yet. But this is Oregon and I bet it will rain soon. Anyway they have been easy to work with. Thanks Rainbarrel Man."

Bettina Mow - Portland - March 2021

"We have a rain barrel from them. Good product, locally made. We would highly recommend buying a barrel from the Rainbarrel Man. We use it to water our garden and for a cold water pour for our sauna."

Leah Nash - East Kenton - September 2019

Dear John, Dave, and Mike,

On behalf of the Sato School 2nd and 4th grade students, we want to pass along our sincere appreciation for the three of you coming and presenting on March 6th.

You provided such real life and relevant connection to the students about your company and how rain barrels connect so well to our vision as a STEAM school. Thank you for volunteering your time and providing such informative and interesting responses to the students questions.

Your willingness to be a partner in supporting our students learning was so helpful and provided great inspiration for us, as teachers, to go forward with students doing artistic paintings on our two rain barrels, installing them and putting them into action!

Thanks again for making the time to bring this project to life.

Carol Biskupic Knight, and the Sato 2nd and 4th grade teachers. Portland Oregon - March 2018

Once again we have been recognized and honored for being one of the best small businesses in Portland in the Gardening category for 2017 and for enhancing a positive image through service to our customers.

Portland Award Program - April 2017 (See press release.)

"I got my first rain barrel system from John in exchange for doing some updates on his website. The system is still going strong, and I've been maintaining his website ever since. He's a good man with a good product, and I'm happy to be working with him!"

Eric Houghton, Portland, OR - 2017

"The Rainbarrel Man (John Elliotte) installed four rain barrels at my ex-wife's house and then five more at my house. I highly recommend him. The barrels are cedar clad, and are both beautiful and functional. Anyone who'd like a guided tour should contact me by phone at 503-702-4421."

Jonathan Brinckman, St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, OR - 2016

"The Rainbarrel Man Company has been selected for the 2015 Best of Portland Award in the Home & Garden Products category by the Portland Award Program."

Portland Award Program - June 2015

"John, The Rainbarrel Man, took on a difficult leaking connection problem with my rainbarrels (which were not built by him!). He figured out an effective and inexpensive way to repair the problem and his charges were quite reasonable. He was also fun to work with."

Alan Locklear - Portland, Oregon - May 2014

"The Rainbarrel Man Company has been selected for the 2013 Best of Portland Award in the Home & Garden Products category by the Portland Award Program."

Portland Award Program - October 2013

"The Rainbarrel Man's service and products are top notch! Very impressed with the quality of workmanship. His barrels both look and work great. When we experienced a glitch, he was prompt and professional in resolving it."

Ron Ruggiero - Portland, Oregon - November 2011

"John was the first rain barrel builder in Portland. The rain barrel he built and installed for us has a focus to detail and quality not seen in the other rain barrels. John has had years in the business to work out the "bugs" in design and has created a sturdy good looking rain barrel. He met all his commitments and produced a wonderful product. It was nice to work with someone with business ethics.

Judith Turano Turano Fiber Arts. - Portland, Oregon - July 2011

"John is such a nice person, I came to him with a request and he treated me with attention and cared for my cause. His barrels are so beautiful; it's hard to believe they are also practical and green. I would recommend John to anyone that needs his services."

Cathy Herman - Portland, Oregon - August 2010

"The rain barrels we got from John have been great! We would recommend him to any of our friends in the market for a water capture system."

Joe Travis, Software Engineer at ADP - May 2010

"John is very conscientious in the outcome of his products; he does everything that he can to make sure the product is finished in a timely manner. I would not have any hesitation in recommending John or any of his products."

Edger Arrell, Resaw operator, LWO Corporation - Portland, Oregon - March 2010

" I highly recommend John and his company. His rain barrels are top quality, stylish, fairly priced and delivered on time. What more can anyone ask for?"

Paul Welty, Designer at Innovative Nightscapes - Portland, Oregon - February - 2009

"Superior product with excellent customer service".

Geoffrey Squire Silver, Attorney at Law - Portland Oregon - August 2008

"John does quality work. His rain barrels serve as an example of his high standard of craftsmanship. He is honest, straight forward and easy to trust. I would recommend the work John does to anyone who is interested in saving water with attractive wood based barrels."

Sherri Kennedy - Portland, Oregon - April, 2008.

"John, It was a pleasure featuring your work in this issue. We think you make a wonderful product and wish you years of success. Enjoy the issue!"

Emily Davis - Assistant Art Director, Oregon Home Magazine - June 2008

"Dear Jon, Thank you for providing the rain barrels for the Good Energy House landscaping at the Energy Trust Better Living Show.

The house project would not have been possible without businesses like the Rainbarrel Man Company stepping in with just the right products. We are so appreciative of your willingness to work with us on this project and look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

One of the goals of the Better Living Show is to create interactive features that inspire sustainable actions. With your participation, we feel the Good Energy House Definitely accomplished this goal.

Thank you again for your support in making this happen. All the best."

Michael O'Loughlin & Stephanie Frisch - Blue Ocean Events - April 2008

"Thanks for the help, Jon. I can understand the constraints a small business will face but I do appreciate the leads. Just looking through the site I can tell there's a lot of time and effort put into each one of your barrels - they really are quite beautiful.

All the best and thanks again."

Chris Dunham - Community Builders Program Americorps*VISTA - February 2008

"Hi, Jon

We mailed you another copy of the invoice a few days ago along with the 2008 price list - you will be getting a deal as we are proud to be associated with your high quality rain barrels.


Dan Chapotelle, Water Saver Products Company - Richmond, BC Canada - December 2007

"I wanted to thank you for helping me with my rainbarrels. I appreciate the time you took to go through all the options you offer and helping me assess the right rainbarrel for the right area of my yard. I know that I will get the most for my money and be appropriate for the area to be watered. You were most accommodating to me and the finished rainbarrel is a nice looking piece. Thanks again. I'm looking forward to using them."

Gayle Booher - Portland, Oregon - November 2007

"When we saw the Portland Tribune article, we visited Jon's display site and were impressed with the quality and technology. We had a Downspout Water Saver System installed, and were so pleased that we soon got a second one ... now were ready for next springs gardening."

June Flemming & Bob Marier - Portland, Oregon - November 2007

"I have looked over your website and would like to commend you for the nice site and for your great looking product. I grew up east of the mountains where it is much more dry, and my grandmother had a water collection system not unlike what you produce. Without that system, she would not have been able to keep her small garden watered. I have great appreciation for your vision.

Unfortunately, I am not in the market for your product at the current time. Hopefully this situation will change soon.

Also, I want to thank you for advertising on KPOJ. I've been a listener since day one when they had maybe two sponsors and I listened to the same commercials over and over. It's exciting to hear new advertisers. KPOJ is an important voice in the radio market, and I applaud you for helping it stay on the air. Best of luck!"

Brian Haskins - Salem, Oregon - October 2007

"I was reading my local newspaper for Forest Grove, and in the sustainable life section there was an article about you and your company. I was looking for inspiration for this years science fair, particularly something in the environmental area, and your article made me want to do my project on rain harvesting. It seemed like a great idea because I live on a big property, and we have lots of buildings and vegetation. So, I thought it would be interesting to see what I could do to collect water, and what I could research about the benefits of rain harvesting.

The science fair takes place in March. I would love to share how I did with you, I would like to come visit your business someday soon."

Breanne Davis 8th grade, Valley Catholic Middle School - Forest Grove, Oregon - October 2007

"I appreciate the way in which you did your best to ship my order as inexpensively as possible as well as keeping in contact with me as we went through the process from start to finish. They arrived just in time to surprise my wife on her birthday. Thank you again for all your help and may your business continue to grow and prosper"

Earl & Joyce Polson - Hammonton, New Jersey - November 16, 2006

"These barrels that I bought from you are very nice. I like the way they look in my garden. They remind me of when I was a little girl growing up on my uncles farm in Ohio. We washed our hair using the water from the rainbarrel which made our hair shine.

Thank you for being very helpful in putting up the barrels and connecting them to the downspout. I can now water my roses with rain water during the dry months. Thank you."

Ruby Schwartzkoph - Camas, Washington - July 2006

"The Rainbarrel Man makes a quality product that's handsome, well crafted and a good value. The 2-barrel downspout system we have fills completely after only a small amount of rain. We can use that water for the shrubs & trees during dry spells, which saves us money on our water bill. And, unlike other barrel systems these are very attractive, so they add beauty & character to your home. We also appreciate the fact that the barrel lids and exteriors are made of recycled pallet lumber, so the good looks don't come at the expense of the forests."

"With these Rainbarrels we're keeping excess rainwater out of storm sewers, discarded pallet lumber out of landfills, and saving a few bucks while we're at it."

Stewart & Beverly Hartsfield - Lake Oswego, Oregon - June 2003

"We bought our Rainbarrels back in 1998, thinking that the two we bought would be enough, but we are finding out that we are using water for more than we thought."

"So could you make two more for us, and let us know when they would be finished. Thank you."

Ron & Sally Jensen - Vancouver, Washington - June 2003

"Thank-you for the great workmanship on the barrels you sent me this year. I was able to use 'free water' frequently."

"Also I was able to stop basement leakage by attaching hoses to the barrels and draining them far away from my foundation. Thanks again!"

Ronald Carson - Property manager - Portland, Oregon - April 2003

"We had been on the lookout to buy a Rainbarrel for our garden for some time, but none of the ones we saw were what we were looking for, until we sent away for your brochure."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for ending our search!"
Valerie Craig - Portland, Oregon - May 2002

"Thanks again for placing the barrels in the location that I had requested. As soon as I got home, I went out to my back yard to see how it looked. I was so pleased at the way in which it was indeed a 'compliment to our garden'. I will tell all my friends about your Rainbarrel Company."

Eleanor Jellesed - Portland, Oregon - June 1998


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