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Introduction to Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the slow and precise delivery of water to chosen plantings. It uses flexible polyethylene tubing with devices for dripping, called emitters. This drip kit is easy to install. It requires no trenching and the only tools you need are pruning shears and a punch.

For many gardeners, water conservation is the main reason for installing a drip system. When you water your garden, your purpose is to water plants rather than soil. Drip irrigation gives you the ability to put water exactly where it's needed and keep paths and areas between plants dry. This reduces both waste and weeding.

Traditional watering methods deliver water faster than most soils can absorb. If water exceeds the soil's percolation rate, it runs off the surface, taking valuable topsoil and nutrients with it. Drip irrigation also allows you to water a large area from a small water source, since it uses water more slowly than other methods.

The greatest advantage for home gardeners is time savings. The simple action of opening a spigot replaces all the time spent watering by hand. With the addition of an automatic timer, you can cope with a busy schedule while your garden flourishes without you.

In developing countries, workers like these people had to carry buckets of river water to irrigate their row crops. Now modern technology and much larger "buckets" save them time and energy by allowing drip irrigation to do the work for them.

Recommended Drip Irrigation Kits

These two kits are no longer sold through The Rainbarrel Man Co.
You can now purchase them directly through the links below.

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Soaker Hose Kit

Drip Irrigation kit

Drip Irrigation Kit

These kits are expandable

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