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The Wedge
The Wedge

The Double Wedge
If water flows to the downspout from two directions, use two Wedges.

The Wedge

$9.25 for one Wedge
$34.00 for four Wedges

Last year's model ON SALE for $6.25, until stock is depleted.

Stop leaves and debris from clogging your downspouts!  Independently tested by consumer test labs, this little gadget keeps your downspout open and trouble free. Unique, patented flow thru wedge design is self cleaning.. Under normal conditions, the leaves are pushed up the slope by water flow which helps them to dry, and then the wind blows them away. 

Increases water drainage by 200% over conventional rain gutter drain filters. Tough, durable, rust proof plastic construction is UV protected for years of maintenance free service in all kinds of weather. 

Assemble and install in just a few minutes with no tools required.  Use two Wedges back to back for center drain gutters. The newer unit measures 9" L x 3.5" H x 2.8" W, last years model, measures 7" L x 3.5 " H x 2.8" W and weighs just under 1 pound. Designed to fit and tested to function on 5 inch gutters, which is the most common residential size, with standard 2" x 3" downspouts.

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