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Blocked Beauties
Bare naked and blocked - because that is just what they are. Naked in the sense that they're not cedar cladded like the rest of our rain barrel systems, and blocked because they sit on concrete blocks instead of being mounted on wooden stands (like our BareNaked Beauties systems). They hold the same amount of rain water (60 gallons per barrel), use the same Water Saver Diverter (that connects to a 2" x 3" downspout), are plumbed using the same 3/4" PVC and ball valve brass spigot. The main difference is that they are much easier on your pocketbook (or wallet).


Blocked Beauty  



23" W x 51" H x 46" L
Concrete Pavers* add $30

23" W x 51" H x 69" L
Concrete Pavers* add $45

23" W x 51"H x 92" L
Concrete Pavers* add $60

Open Top Blocked Beauties add $10
Includes one open barrel with screen and overflow and the rest are closed.



BareNaked Open Top


Systems include:  Water Saver Diverter, Barrels, Release Valves, PVC plumbing with Ball Valve Spigot, PVC Fittings, and Concrete Blocks.

For each additional barrel and blocks add $52, and for pavers add $15

Subtract $6 per barrel for self installs (minus the blocks).

Isolation Valve and spigot $25. (Allows you to hold water in some barrels while draining others.)

Installation: $60 - $75 (2 to 5 barrels) $80 - $95 (6 to 10 barrels)
Open Top systems: $50 - $75  (2 to 5 barrels)

*Concrete Pavers include compactable leveling base, weed barrier, and labor.

Five Barrel Blocked Beauty


Special Note: All Blocked Beauties systems should be completely drained with the spigot left in the open position in preparation for a cold snap. 

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