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Local Ordering Information

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Full Rain Harvesting systems and stands are only available for local pickup with an appointment at 9515 NE Skidmore St. or delivery within and beyond Portland/Vancouver metro. We build your system to order, subject to materials availability. Once you receive your estimate, please mail the deposit to John Elliotte at 8527 N. Decatur St. #7, Portland, OR 97203.

We keep rain harvesting accessories (Drip Irrigation Kits, Downspout Diverters, Barrel Connectors, Timers, Wedges, Stormwater Managers, Filters, and Bung Wrenches), plus Recycled Barrels, in stock at the Home Office, available for local pickup. All local pickups (at the Home Office address, below) are by appointment only.

Local Pickup

When your product is ready, you will be contacted to make arrangements for pickup.

Recycled Barrels and Accessories Wood and Plastic Rain Barrel Systems
Home Office
8527 N. Decatur St.
Portland, OR 97203
The Shop
9515 NE Skidmore St.
Portland, OR. 97220
DFC Woodcrafts
12311 McGillivray Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98683

You must make an appointments to pick up your product(s). Do not show up unannounced. If for some reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 503-752-4398 to let us know and to reschedule. If you do, at any time, "no-show" and/or "no-call," please be aware that there will be an added charge on your invoice.

Please use the order form below for your orders, requests, or questions.

Submit your requests with your full delivery address using the order form below. We'll let you know how much delivery will be and your total payment due. For local pickups we only accept cash, checks, or money orders at this time. Sorry, no plastic. You may send a check to John Elliote at 8527 N. Decatur St. #7, Portland, OR 97203.

Be sure to check out all our services below the order form.

Order Form

Fields marked with * are required.

After you fill out the form read Delivery & Setup Fees, below, for important payment information.

Do you need setup services?

We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order with delivery address.
Thank you for your order!


Delivery Fees

Delivery within Portland/Vancouver Metro areas: $25 - $45 + $0.60 per mile
Delivery outside the Metro areas: $45 - $65 + $0.70 per mile
up to 30 miles. Beyond that, $1.25 a mile.

(Starting from 9515 NE Skidmore St.)

Setup Fees

One story buildings: $70 single or double barrel, $85 triple or quadruple barrel
Two story buildings:
$80 single or double barrel, $95 triple or quadruple barrel
Open top systems: $70 (single or double) or $85 (triple or quadruple). Includes placement, assembly, and reconfiguring the downspout (2 or 3 ft. stands). Rain Chained Barrels $50 (single or double) or $75 (triple or quadruple).
Blocked Beauties: $75 - $90 (2 to 6 barrels)
Open Top Blocked Beauties: $75 - $85 (2 to 6 barrels). Includes downspout  reconfiguring. Rain Chained Barrels $50 (2 Barrels) $75 - $90 (3 - 6 barrels).
Installation for 2" x 3" Vinyl, Aluminum, or Galvanized Steel (single story) Downspouts: $50, Parts and labor included.
Concrete Pavers for systems with stands: Single barrel system $75, double barrel $120-$165, triple $160-$180 and quad $200. Includes poly edging, anchoring spikes, leveling sand and/or gravel, weed barrier, and labor.


Repair work: First month is free, if you bought the system from us and we installed it. This includes plumbing, structural, and diverter problems.
After one month or if it's not one of our rain barrels or if you installed it, cost is $25 to $50 + parts + mileage (within and beyond the metro areas)

Pressure wash: $45 to $100 per system + mileage. Fee based on size, disassemble time, and how contaminated your rain barrels are (within the metro areas only).

Consultations and Site Analysis

$35 inside the limits of Portland/Vancouver Metro
Outside those limits it's $35 + $0.60 per mile within 30 miles and beyond that $1.25 per mile.

To request a consultation, fill out the form above and we'll set up a day and time that are convenient for you. (Hours: Mon. through Fri. 9 to 12 and Sat. 10 to 2, non inclement days, and above 45 degrees. Closed December and January.) Once there, we evaluate your site to determine optimal placement of rain harvesting systems and system components. Note: Masks and social distancing required.

If at the end of the consultation you haven't decided what you want, you can make a payment at that point. If you decide to move forward I will email you an estimate, and after an agreement has been made a deposit is required to start the process. Once we build your rain barrel system we can schedule a delivery and installation time.

Return Policy

A $50 restocking fee applies to all returned rain barrels.
(Deposits are non-refundable)

Delivery fees apply to pick-ups as well.

Diverters that have been installed can NOT be returned.

No returns on items that are on sale.

All new/unused or defective products must be returned within the period specified.
If there is no stipulated date, then items returned within 30 days of purchase will be charged a 25% restocking fee, after 30 days, it will be 35%.
Shipping charges are not refundable.
When returning items via mail, include your invoice or a copy of it and a written reason for return,
along with the merchandise in its original packaging. Please indicate if you would prefer exchange or refund.


Any liability of Rainbarrel Man Co. is limited to the replacement of defective products or their purchase price (minus 25% of refund if not returning item).
Abuse, misuse and neglect of products shall not be covered under any warranty or return policy.
The replacement will be covered for the remainder of the warranty period dating from the original purchase.
Rainbarrel Man Co. is NOT responsible for any items that may have frozen and burst due to neglect.

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