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The Full Flow Rain Saver


27" L x 27" W x 61" H + 18"

Full Flow Rain Saver System

59" L x 29" W x 61" H + 18" more for diverter hose


These systems use 3/4 inch PVC plumbing with a ball valve brass spigot, which in turn delivers the water at a faster rate than most other rain barrel systems. Plus its in-line disconnect union(s) make it easy to remove the plumbing if needed. The barrel(s) are connected to the Water Saver Diverter, which eliminates the need for an overflow and can be mounted on a 24 inch or 36 inch high stand, with or without a Support Railing.

Complete systems available with one barrel $325 (60 gal.) or $340 for open top barrel, two barrels $580 (120 gal.), three barrels $840 (180 gal.), and four barrels $1125 (240 gal.). Support Railing $25 for single barrel, $35 for double, $45 for triple, and $60 for quad. To replace the 2 ft. stand with a 3 ft. stand, (better when using drip irrigation ) add $30.

A complete system is also available without the cedar staves and wooden lid(s).

Conserve water and save time by adding one of our Drip Irrigation or Soaker Hose Kits to your Full Flow System.

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Full Flow System

Special note: As shown below, these systems should be completely drained with the spigot left in the open position in preparation for a cold snap.

  Full Flow Four Barrel


Full Flow Rain Saver

The image to the right shows our only single Cedar Clad Open Top Barrel which can be used with a rain chain or reconfigured downspout.




Rain Barrel Artwork
By David Clark

If you have something you'd like painted on your cedar clad rain barrel, call Dave at 360-281-2360 or email him at bugsloop@gmail.com.

Your cost is based on the simplicity or difficulty of the artwork.


Barrel Art  Barrel Art  Barrel Art  

Barrel Art  Barrel Art  Barrel Art  Barrel Art



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