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The Juxtaposition Paradox

Double Barrel System  $620
59" L x 30" W
Support Railing add $45 (with posts and end caps)
8 Pavers add $75 (includes edging, spikes, sand, and barrier)

Quadruplex System 
59" L x 59" W
Support Railing add $60 (with posts and end caps)
16 Pavers add $126 (includes edging, spikes, sand, and barrier)


Definition: "A Juxtaposition Paradox is where two related objects are positioned side by side in contrast to one another and yet are true, simultaneously."



One is the same as the other and yet completely different, as you can see in the photos below. Both barrels are cedar cladded, stained with a Honey Gold color, and banded with 1 1/4" steel strapping. Both are umbilically connected using underneath and concealed plumbing with ball valve technology. Individually, they both hold more than 55 gallons of rain water, yet they are as different as night and day.


Right side - showing opening for rain chain


Full Flow Four Barrel

Left side - showing overflow hose, with added support railing

One barrel has a rain chain going into it, a lid with a 12" opening, a removable 600 micron debris screen, and an overflow with a 12 foot, 1 1/2" dia., flexible drainage hose. The other barrel has none of these. It is a closed unit that would normally be attached to the Water Saver Diverter, which, as you can see, it is not. Two barrels, juxtaposed together as a true Rain Harvesting paradox, fully functional and reliable.

Quadruplex System

Note: The Quadruplex System is now being built without the two railing center posts.

Rain Chains & Accessories

Special Note: These systems should be completely drained with the spigot left in the open position in preparation for a cold snap. 

Setup and Delivery Rates

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