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Use garden shears to cut tubing,  Use a goof plug to plug holes,  attach 1/4" tubing to 1/2 " tubing if needed,  use 1/4" tubing to reach plants,  Emitter attached to 1/2" tubing.
Use garden shears to cut tubing.
Goof Plugs to plug holes
Attach 1/4" tubing to 1/2" tubing to reach plants.
Insert emitters anywhere on tubing.


The Landscape, Drip irrigation Kit.

The Landscape Drip Irrigation Kit
(Some parts not shown)

Landscape Kit Components

Components needed

Landscape Kit Using a Support Stake

Tubing layout using 1/4" Tees

Landscape Kit Tubing Layout

Using a Support Stake


The Landscape Drip Irrigation Kit *

Last one in stock, as we are no longer offering this kit.

(To save on shipping, purchase kit without 1/2" tubing for $65.00)

This kit's flexibility distinguishes it from our other one. Not only can you manually insert the emitters on the 1/2" main line tubing but you can also put them on the ends of the 1/4" tubing to reach plants further away.

Drip irrigation only works at its best when the pressure in the barrel is maintained at the level needed for the drip emitters to function properly. That being said, this kit works down to 2 psi., which means that if you are using recycled plastic barrels they need to be elevated at least 4 feet to maintain pressure from start to finish.*

If you maintain pressure of 2 psi and use all 40 emitters, each one will produce approximately .125 gph or 5 gph total. How long your water lasts depends on how long you leave the spigot open. To ensure that you have enough water for the time set, we recommend you use, at minimum, a double barrel system.

*If you're not concerned about maintaining the pressure to the very last drop, then raising your barrels up 2-3 ft. should be sufficient to help maintain some of that pressure when the barrels are less than full.


The Landscape Drip Irrigation Kit includes:

50 ft Roll of 1/2" Tubing 1 - 1/2" EZ loc Coupler
50 ft Roll of 1/4" Tubing 1 - 1/2" EZ loc Hose Beginning
40 Take-Apart Emitters 1 - 1/2" EZ loc Tee
20 1/4" Transfer Barbs 1 Tee Filter with 200 mesh screen
10 Two Way Goof Plugs 1 Yellow handle Punch (upgraded to the pocket punch)
2 Figure 8 Ends 10 - 6" Hold Downs
10 - 1/4" Tee Micro Fittings 20 - 3" Hold Downs
Instructions 20 - 5 1/2" Support Stakes


Landscape Kit SystemsLandscape Kit Systems Landscape Kit SystemsLandscape Kit Systems

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Extra Parts for our Customers

1/2" × 50' poly tubing w/10 hold downs $13
1/4" x 50' poly tubing w/20 hold downs $9.50
Bag of 10 Support Stakes $3
bag of emitters & transfer barbs (20 ea.) $9
Bag of 10 - 1/4" Tee Micro Fittings $2
1/2" tees & elbows $2 ea.
10 PSI Regulator $12 (Use with reg. plumbing when barrels are empty.)
Deluxe Y Filter $16 (w/200 mesh screen)

Shipping Info

Please Note:

Drip kits sold in stores are not designed to work with most smaller rain barrel systems (1-4 PSI). They are designed for water pressures of 40-120 PSI and then reduced to 15-35 PSI with a regulator.

*Does not include rain barrel.

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